Beth Or is an egalitarian, informal, and inclusive Jewish community devoted to the creative exploration of Jewish spirituality. We are committed to the furthering of Jewish living through the creation of new liturgies, rituals, and philosophies of Judaism that are rooted in Torah and tradition while embracing the broader concerns and insights of contemporary Jews and the universal truths of humankind. Beth Or is committed to providing its members, and the community at large, with a house of prayer that evokes a living awareness of holiness, and a house of learning in which we apply that awareness to every aspect of our daily lives. Falling within the larger context of Reconstructionist Judaism and Jewish Renewal, Beth Or affirms Judaism as an evolving religious civilization. We understand that the survival of our civilization depends upon honest and spiritually deepening dialogue between ancient teachings, modern learning, and timeless wisdom. We pledge ourselves to further that dialogue through our programs and policies. Beth Or understands that new technologies create new forms of community and new opportunities for teaching, learning and sharing. We are committed to exploring the implications and opportunities of the new technologies with regard to enhancing our success as a center for creative and evolving Jewish spirituality.