Given our Mission, we are committed to the following goals:

  • To provide our members with opportunities for religious exploration, ethical perfection, and spiritual awakening through the creative interpretation of and participation in Jewish holy days, mitzvoth, and life cycle rituals;
  • To provide our members with age appropriate opportunities for deepening their understanding of our evolving Jewish civilization, and to help those who so desire become more Jewishly self reliant – capable of leading services, making hospital visits, helping grieving families, and supporting those in need;
  • To provide our members with opportunities to build friendships and community, a support system that maintains the highest standards of community in-reach (both high-tech and high-touch) and which responds quickly and appropriately in times of need;
  • To provide our members with opportunities to positively effect the larger world in which they live through acts of tzedakah and tikkun olam;
  • To provide our members with a physical setting that invites spiritual exploration, communal solidarity, personal growth, learning, and play;
  • To provide our members with sound financial synagogue planning and management to secure the financial future and sustainability of Beth Or and provide for its continued ability to meet its mission;
  • To provide the South Florida Jewish community with a source for creative Jewish spiritual exploration and expression by maintaining Beth Or as a center for Jewish creativity and spiritual experimentation;
  • To provide Jews and Gentiles world-wide with a model of creative religious expression, both personal and institutional, by forever maintaining our commitment to the honest and open meeting of traditional Judaism, modern thought and timeless wisdom.