Great music
Cozy and comfortable setting
Great sound system
And lots of nice people…

– that’s the Lighthouse Café, launched in 2010.

Imagine a great listening room where you can spend an evening with professional local, national, and international musical talent. The music is mostly acoustic, original compositions, world folk styles, blues, jazz, Celtic, and even bluegrass, but all secular (non-religious). Their stories are funny, compelling, and certainly entertaining. Many of them have won awards for songwriting, including our very own (I’m so possessive), Ellen Bukstel.

Seating is usually an affordable $15, and we serve some light dessert snacks and refreshments. Seating is limited, so we request prepaid reservations to best serve you.

Please join our concert mailing list – and share with your friends! I only send Lighthouse Café information in this email list, so you don’t have to worry about getting temple information – the list is separate and I send out the newsletter personally, and only a couple to announce the current headliner.

Michael Henry
Lighthouse Café