At Beth Or, education only starts with adults. We believe we owe ourselves and our children a very special Jewish education, one that not only informs us about our history and our traditions, but one that empowers us to make Judaism a vital part of our lives. We need to master the basics of Jewish literacy – Hebrew, holy days, and history – but we also need to develop the skills to apply the ethical and spiritual teachings of our people to our daily lives. Judaism is a life-way, a specific way of being in the world that demands great courage and ethical and spiritual sensitivity.

When we learn Torah and Talmud, when we explore the deeper meanings of Jewish law and lore, we must do so in a manner that brings these teachings to bear on our lives. Whether we are working with our elementary school students, Bar & Bat Mitzvah candidates, Confirmands, older teens, or adults, learning at Beth Or is a hands-on activity capturing the interest and the imagination to sharpen and strengthen the skills we need to live with integrity, humor and grace.