Adult education is an integral part of our community. Our education program focuses on Jewish life, customs, events, Torah, prayer, Mentschlichkeit, and Hebrew. In addition to our Chit Chats – see below – we have study programs held at various times throughout the year to encourage as many of our Beth Or family as possible to participate. Please check This Week At Beth Or or the web site for topics and schedules.

Chit Chats

A casual get-together of members under the backyard chickee or inside the temple to discuss Jewish topics featuring in-house and guest speakers. Everyone is welcome. Please check This Week at Beth Or e-mail or the web site for topics and schedules.

Shabbos Keepers Torah Study Group

The Mishnah teaches that some acts that we perform can have everlasting effect on the world. These include: honoring our parents, performing acts of kindness and compassion, feeding the hungry, and bringing peace between people. But equal to them all is the study of Torah -because it leads to them all. How does studying Torah lead to such great acts? Why have Jews taught for millennia that one should endeavor to study a shtikl Toyre (a little bit of Torah) every day, or at least every Shabbat? Join our weekly drop-in Torah study group and learn why Torah study is such a compelling, spiritual experience. No previous knowledge required. Please check This Week at Beth Or e-mail or the calendar for time.


On selected Shabbat mornings (in lieu of traditional Torah study), Dr. Nancy Kirsner, PhD and Rabbi Mark Kram lead another form of Torah study. We re-enact through role-playing and acting out a Torah portion. Described as interactive Torah, this creative form of Jewish learning is open to the entire congregation and community. No previous knowledge is necessary. Check the calendar for dates and times.