Temple Beth Or has set up a direct link to Amazon.com to give our members and friends an easy way to earn income for our congregation at no additional cost to themselves.

There are two ways to donate to Beth Or when you shop on Amazon. The first way is an EASY, ONE TIME SET UP (recommended):

Step 1: Go to www.smile.amazon.com. Sign-in to your Amazon account.
Step 2: Search for “Temple Beth Or Miami” in the search box below where it says “Or pick your own charitable organization:”.
Step 3: Select the result called “Temple Beth Or, Inc” (that’s us!).
Step 4: Check the box acknowledging you must always start at www.smile.amazon.com to support Temple Beth Or.
Step 5 (optional): Bookmark www.smile.amazon.com in your internet browser so you remember to shop from that address to support TBO.

The second way to use the Amazon Smile program to donate:

When you want to make a purchase from Amazon, simply go through the link you see above (it’s called a Widget), which will take you directly to Amazon’s website. Once you make your purchase, Temple Beth Or will automatically receive a donation of 6% of the purchase amount directly from Amazon, with nothing added to your purchase price.

Whatever you buy from Amazon: books, housewares, electronics, gifts, kid stuff, and much more, is eligible for this program. Each and every purchase benefits Temple Beth Or, and everybody wins!

Beth Or’s budget is only partially covered by member dues. Your participation in the Amazon Widget program will be much appreciated.