Shabbat Services begin at 7:30 PM on Friday evenings unless otherwise noted. Please check This Week at Beth Or (TWABO), weekly e-mail Newsletter for exact times or the Calendar of Events on the web site for more details on a specific service.

Shabbat Evening Service

This is our most structured sometimes traditional, sometimes creative service to welcome Shabbat. This service focuses on providing spiritual inspiration and meaning and guidance for the coming week. Children and adults of all ages will find aspects of these services to be meaningful, moving, and uplifting.
Incorporating a combination of music and prayer helps us to welcome Shabbat as a community.

Farbrenggen – Shabbat Service

Farbrenggen is Yiddish for “gathering.” Add to that “serious study” and “no holds barred dialogue,” and you begin to have a sense of our Farbrenggen Shabbat service. All are welcome, but the format and content are oriented towards adults and teens. Please check This Week at Beth Or e-mail or the Calendar of Events for dates.

Havdalah Service

Just as we bring in Shabbat on Friday evening with light song, and ceremony, periodically during the year, we also say farewell to Shabbat on Saturday evening with blessing, light, and music. At Beth Or, Havdalah is often part of another program taking place on Saturday evening. Please check This Week at Beth Or e-mail or the Calendar of Events for dates.


Yizkor is a memorial service to reflect on and remember loved ones who have passed away. It is typically part of holiday observance or another service.